About Ms Kitty, whose blog is …

Have you ever considered reading what someone has to say, without knowing where they live, or their age, or what they look like, or what they do for a living?

Usually these are among the first things we want to know about others we meet online, but while these details help bring a two-dimensional character to life, they can also inaccurately colour our view of a person and change the way we perceive their words.

What if all we have to go by are the words?

Besides, I don’t know what to tell you about myself. Here are a few things:

• I laugh out loud at Coronation Street, which I watch whenever I remember. There, right there, that should tell you everything you need to know about me.

• I’m sure angels exist, as I’ve been helped by one, but don’t believe in the white-haired man-in-the-sky kind of god. I’ve no doubt that there is a creative intelligence in operation in the universe— look around! it’s obvious— but I do talk to the sky when I crave contact with a higher power. I also talk to animals, birds, insects, the wind, the stars, the sun and the moon. Doesn’t everyone? Come on, admit it.

• Sometimes I want to write things that, were I to do it on a blog that all my friends, acquaintances and family know about, I just wouldn’t. I don’t want to deal with the fallout, whether it be hurt feelings or anger or punishment or misunderstandings. I need a place I can say what I want, imagine I’ve been heard, and not suffer any consequences. This is that place.

• I’m easygoing, according to my friend Petra, who knows me better than anyone. I’m generous and forgiving and rather inclined to cut people some slack, according to Josephine. I’m friggin’ irritating, according to my youngest son and my spouse, with my constant whistling and singing snippets of songs and never the whole thing. Tough nougies for them, then, because I’ve got a song in my heart. The other male around here, when they complain, says “Mom, I like your singing.” He’s my favourite.

• I’m compassionate and more independent than I need to be, according to my late mother, sadly missed. I’m outspoken and direct, according to Mom’s best friend, who says from the time I was a tiny tot (they say I was never really a child) you never knew what was going to come out of my mouth.

• In public I come across as strong and confident, or so I was told by a new acquaintance, bless his heart. One time I had a neighbour who remarked when I ran into him at the post office that I was the kind of person who would be able to do anything I put my mind to.

• In private … let’s see, how does my fella describe me: stubborn, can’t tell me what to do (which is as it should be), and (this is one reason I keep him) beautiful. Every woman should have a fella who thinks she’s a dish.

That’s how some others see me; maybe it’s how you would see me. I’m trying to help you out, here. But the important thing is, how do I see myself?

• Terribly softhearted, to the point of maybe being a pushover. Less smart and powerful than others think. Fortunate that I make my living with words, because that comes naturally and doesn’t feel like work.

• I delightedly devour books and dabble in music (to sing with others gives me joy), herbology, numerology, astrology, tarot, flower gardening, kitchen witchery and spellcasting. Dancing is one of the best “funs” I know. I’m not a great meal cook, but am a pretty good baker. I’m a vegetarian wanna-be who consumes hunks of dead beast several times a week because of the dedicated carnivore who is my mate. Not that I owe him this, my dears; oh no. I cook animals to be kind to him, that’s true, but I myself like hamburger once in a while. I was raised on that and macaroni with Cheez Whiz, a non-food that I wouldn’t even sniff nowadays.

• I live in rural Canada on a farm. I stay as far away from mountains and cities as possible, preferring to see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles without anything but grain fields and poplar trees to punctuate the horizon. My closest neighbours wouldn’t hear my screams and this is just the way I like it.

Anything else you’d like to know? Email me at sugarbinski at gmail dot com.


1 thought on “About Ms Kitty, whose blog is …”

  1. Love the self portrait. Love that you can see for miles and miles and miles. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

You can also email me at sugarbinskiATgmailDOTcom.

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