In case your mail program is still not accepting certain items from me.

I’m just sitting down to work, thought I’d send that picture off to Sonnyboy, who’d appreciate it.

Tomorrow he receives his last monthly “spending money” cheque from me. He hasn’t been trying very hard to find a summer job, so I figure he can start dipping into his own savings account from now on. Maybe the thought of that balance dwindling will motivate him for the job hunt.

Well luvvies, life is good out here. I am reorganizing my walking program to be less of a pressure and more of a structured routine. It’s been a year since I began; I’ve paid myself almost $300, one at a time, as a reward for the daily walk. Now to decide what luxury to spend it on. A few months ago I was set on a roomba; in recent weeks my heart is leaning toward birdsavers for the Windows of Carnage.

I don’t plan to carry on with the reward system. Don’t think I need it any longer.