An old friend from high school came out yesterday afternoon so I took a few hours off to visit with her, and worked in the evening instead. We sat at the table, drank a bottle of white wine, and nibbled on crackers and cheese. And yakked. Too bad I only see her a few times a year.

Beau has been so very normal and pleasant for several weeks now … it is such a relief when no one is snapping and growling in my vicinity. This is the way I want it to always be. I am perfectly content. Is it possible that my (admittedly imperfect) practice of the Law of Attraction is paying off?

Today — this moment, actually — I should be working, because I’m going to town this afternoon for a massage and won’t be logging hours as usual here at my desk. Afterwards I’ll pick up Sonnyboy and take him out for supper after we get groceries, his favourite pastime. He’s not coming out to the farm this weekend because his household is going to a dance tomorrow night. This is a good thing. But I’m doing the mother/son outing anyway because … just because.

I could live on fruit smoothies, I think. Except that when I get a migraine, Beau preaches: “There’s no protein in a smoothie.” How much protein does a girl need, I wonder, in a day. Wish I knew these things. Have been throwing a big handful of fresh spinach into the blender with each smoothie mix; that’s good, right?

Even when I think I’ve eaten plenty, Beau pronounces that I haven’t eaten enough and that this is surely the reason I get migraines. I point out that not everyone has his voracious appetite. And I’m not skin and bones, so obviously I do eat enough.

Right now I’m trying to fix on dates to go to Toronto for two days of training for work. He wants to come with me, but it’s going to cost him $1000 for his plane ticket, lose him $1000 worth of working days when he is so busy that it’s crazy to leave, and then the trip is still at a time when he should be here because calves are beginning to be born, field work is soon to start up, and water has begun coming into our two basements so sump pumps have to be checked regularly. And while I’m working, he will have to find ways to fill the two days alone, and there is no one and nothing in Toronto that he particularly wants to see.

If I were him, I’d stay home, work, save my money and go somewhere I really want to go, at a more convenient time. Frankly I suspect that since I am such a man magnet, the real reason he wants to come along is to guard his gal from marauders. Ha!