Got home from my sister’s about 5:30 and thought I’d better go for a walk, since I haven’t for two days. Headed north to my usual turning point, then back past our driveway and south toward the corner, keeping up my usual good clip and enjoying the birds overhead (snowgeese flocks, blackbird flocks, the odd redwinged blackbird in a tree) and the sun when it came out from behind a cloud.

Then suddenly, before I reached the ravine, I ran out of steam, felt absolutely exhausted, like I could just sit at the side of the road and rest. This happens to me every once in a while and strikes me curious: am I too hot? Have I not drank enough? Eaten enough? What?

Tonight I turned back and slowly dragged my ass home, and ate and drank something immediately. Felt fine, but wonder what the hell is going on.