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9 a.m.
No banana for my smoothie this morning, and I’ve had to make it with Granny Smith apples. It’s too tart and thin for my liking: two apples, a handful of frozen blueberries or saskatoons (not sure which they are), plain yogurt, and soy-almond milk frozen into cubes. It’s going down, slowly and without my usual ecstatic moaning. Hope Beau remembers to stop at the store and pick up some fruit before coming home.

I’ve got dishes soaking in boiling water in the sink, and bread dough being worked in the kneading machine, and laundry in the washer. Must get the dishes out of the way but don’t feel like it quite yet. Didn’t walk yesterday so can’t skip it today. Have to get five hours of work in, and would like to make a thick soup for supper. It’ll be a full day.

Not exciting —unless I see a moose— but full.