I learned a lesson today about being more careful.

I received an email from a film director’s assistant, who just (after being asked a month ago for it) forwarded the very busy director’s permission to include her in a project I have been working on. She asked to see the text and the image that is to be published. I sent that email on to my project editor and requested the text and image, but added “with demands!!!!” to the existing subject line, because time is an issue right now — the stuff is ready to go to press, so we need to do this immediately. The editor sent the text and arranged for me to get the chosen image. I forwarded her email with the text to the director’s assistant, not looking at the subject line. The assistant got snooty: she wasn’t being demanding, she insisted; she was only asking for professional courtesy!

Lesson learned: never forward any email. Always start from a new email, copy and paste in the text I want to forward, and put in a new subject line. Don’t risk not noticing something that could offend the new recipient.

PS and no, it was not the director of the film Loyalties! That was Anne Wheeler, who is a joy to deal with.