During the reading with Her Glowyness, Mom did not make an appearance. Glowy didn’t ask her to, mind you, though I had been asking Mom to show up. I wanted to see if she could or would respond to a direct request.

At the beginning of the reading, Glowy asked what I hoped it would address.

I said – my troubles, my work, and my desire to communicate with Mom.

Glowy said that maybe Mom doesn’t often “come here,” which would explain why we don’t feel her presence. She may be busy elsewhere and not necessarily needed here.

We wish she would make herself known sometimes.

My sister’s several times been seriously distressed (her baby’s epileptic seizures and her husband’s near-fatal heart attack) and not felt Mom around, when these are the times she’d most expect Mom to visit her.

Maybe she can’t, L’il Sis and I think.

Glowy asked how I communicate with Mom now.

I visualize meeting Mom on my favourite beach, and that Mom comes to the “beach in my mind” and she is light and beautiful and happy.

There is a validity to these experiences that makes the visualizations well worth doing. They are reassuring; they make me feel good. Nothing earth-shattering has been related by “Mom in my mind.” You should come here more often, she has said.

It’s imagining meeting her in space, imagining hugging her, and so on; except it takes on a life of its own. The imagination can take off from here if you let it, and when you do, that is when you open to your inner knowing, a kind of recognition that supports insight and simple affirmation. Your inner knowing may appear as a message from your dead mother, whether she really lives on or not; but the message remains valid.

Glowy said that my “night work” this coming year would involve Africa and Greece, and that there is “alien activity” around me— have there been any sightings in our area? she wondered.

There were several crop circles in recent years, but I didn’t see them.

(Petra: maybe Greece is that beachside retreat I have always imagined us living in for the winters; maybe it’s not Italy at all. What do you think?)