Thurs1March2012  10:58a.m.  Out and around early today, since Fella got me up to drive him to the other farm for his dad’s truck so I could take our (I insist) half-ton to town for an oil change. Unfortunately I neglected to dig the camera out of my walking-jacket pocket, and couldn’t snap a photo when on my way home I saw a cow moose with a white patch on her shoulder strolling through a farmyard near town.

I went over to a mainstreet café for breakfast while I waited, and a lady in the next booth turned around to chat with me and introduce herself: her husband works for one of my childhood classmates so I know who he is. There are a lot of First Nations people around here because there’s a reserve close by, and even though the reserve kids come to school in town, and quite a few First Nations people live in town, and they shop in town, I don’t see the adults at the community functions and don’t know any of them, and have wondered why that is. Now I know Delores and perhaps will see her again. I paid for her coffee when I anted up for my breakfast, and stopped at her table long enough to tell her before leaving that I enjoyed talking with her.

I made a quick stop at the drugstore in hopes of picking up a notebook to write in; no luck, or at least they didn’t have what I want. Then to the laundromat to pick up my hand-me-down mink coat, which I left there in early January for repairs to the torn lining. And finally a visit to the Co-op, where I purchased another $95 worth of groceries.

It’s good to be home. Yesterday was a wasted day, as I woke up migrainey and spent much of the afternoon lying down after taking a pill. I had worked so many hours ahead in the past two weeks, though, that I could afford to invoice for a full day’s work and still bank 17 hours for time off. Last night I sat on the couch for a while, feeling like maybe I should put in an hour or two at the computer, and telling myself to relax and not worry about it: I was already being paid for the day and well ahead of the game.

Today I’ll be working on a time-sensitive project so had best get to it. Have to do some phoning though, so am waiting for the chiropractor’s office to call back with appointments for Fella and his cousin. They must be pretty sore because Fella says they’ll even leave their jobs and go today if they can get in.

Fri2March2012  8:11a.m.

Another shitty-feeling day yesterday; thought for sure I’d have to take a pill to get through the night, but decided to go to bed without one and see what would happen. It was an uncomfortable first couple hours, but I managed to sleep, and woke this morning feeling normal. Let’s hope the day progresses the same way.

I haven’t gone for a walk for three days or so; must go today, even though it’s cold out as I poke my nose out the door this morning. The last thing I feel like doing is walking when my neck’s not right; all I feel like doing is lying down. Managed to work five hours anyway and I’m told they’re thinking of training me to take over for a certain someone when she needs time off. She is the person who is the gatekeeper for all our work; she’s essential as the only one who knows how to do that job. They’ve figured out it’s foolish not to have someone else know what to do. She takes holidays in July, and has an elderly mother overseas so we need to be prepared for any eventuality.

According to the gal who has recently trained me over the phone to work with another aspect of our business, our boss is impressed with my work ethic and efficiency. So I’m getting some positive ego strokes lately. Perhaps it has been noticed that I never turn down a request for help and always volunteer when a call for workers on extra projects is put out. I’m keen and I’m fast and I’m thorough. Or that’s what they think. Either I’ve got them fooled, or everyone else on the team is a lazy slacker.

So there you go. I guess it’s true when it comes to my work: I’m fussy.