I haven’t been keeping a private journal on the computer lately, but in my paper notebook instead, because it’s too scattery to have them in two places plus an online journal. As of today my paper journal is down to about two pages remaining, and I don’t have another waiting to take its place, so what the hell … even though I can’t sit curled up in an easy chair or at the kitchen table with this Word file … at least this sucker won’t take up even more space in the “out here” world, with all the other old journal books I have and don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with.


I went to bed early last night, after a bath zonked me out and although the sound of the TV as Fella sat watching it drew me to the living room, I couldn’t get interested in whatever was on. And bed felt great … but I was awake a thousand times throughout the night, shifting my position on the hard mattress (I’ve moved into the spare room this week and will let Sonnyboy sleep here in the office; he always comes and lies in here anyway and tells me how much he likes this room) and throwing off the sheet and duvet, or pulling it back on again.


I’ve had to take a pill and lie down several hours for the past three days in a row. But that is not so unusual; the neckaches come that way lately, usually around the time I’m getting my period. This week I haven’t fought the pills; just took ‘em and let work slide.


I’d still be tossing and turning in there if Fella hadn’t delivered a big mug of coffee to me before he went outside. He’s let the dog into the porch; says it’s 30-below, out there.


I’ve been trying to change my habit of coming to the computer first thing in the morning; instead, at least to sit and write a few pages in my paper journal and get the dishes done and go for a walk, first. And it’s a good plan, but I don’t always stick to it. Lately I’ve thought why not give myself a half-hour at the computer in the morning to deal with my email and such; just set the timer to keep myself from ending up here all morning.


The news out of Syria continues to be horrible, with the rest of the world appearing to stand by and do nothing as the Syrian government slaughters its own people, children and all. I have to believe that our government and others are doing all they can, even if it has to be behind the scenes. I can’t imagine that any politicians — people with families of their own — can listen to the news and not try to do something.