When Fella got home late yesterday afternoon he pulled out the rye whiskey and a can of gingerale to mix himself a drink, and I asked him to pour one for me. I shouldn’t have, because although I enjoyed it, an hour later I felt melancholy and my neck had begun to complain. I went to bed with it sore, and awoke that way this morning, and it has been a wasted day. I haven’t felt like doing anything, including going for a walk or working, and instead I took a pill and went back to bed in the afternoon. When I got up I was hungry, and washed dishes while waiting for toast to be ready. But I still didn’t go outside, and I’ve only put in one hour of work so far– and it’s almost 5 o’clock.

Yesterday afternoon I loaded up the laundry and headed for town in my mother-in-law’s vehicle, which she’d left here for me so I wouldn’t be stranded while Fella was away. I got a mile from home and the van started to shake terribly, so I pulled over and discovered a tire had gone flat. It had a bolt stuck in the tread, and the tire had blown right out.

After frustration and delay due to Fella’s cellphone which is a pain to use (he had taken mine because it works outside provincial boundaries), and poor reception, and emergency roadside assistance dispatchers not being in their office (wtf?!), and me not remembering any local phone numbers to call for help except for two where there was no answer, and no phone book in the vehicle, I finally got through to CAA’s 1-800 number without getting cut off and they contacted someone who came out and changed the thing for me. After that I just turned around and came home.

It seems like every time I turn around I get a flat fucking tire, and to be honest this is half the reason I am tiring of vehicle ownership. There is always some repair to be done and I don’t want to deal with it.

When Fella got home, he said the tire was wrecked and irreparable because I had driven too far on it, that if I had walked around the vehicle before leaving the yard, I would have seen that the tire was flat or nearly so, and then shouldn’t have driven on it. So I’m to blame for the bad luck, too.