Trying to fall asleep late last night (wee hours) I began thinking about the two Ontario women murdered in their homes by the insane Colonel Williams, a man who, it seems to me, wanted to be a woman so badly that his jealousy of them made him hate them enough to torture and kill them.

His victims were alone in their own homes, like I am alone in mine most of the time. I had run into one of Fella’s employees on the sidewalk in town and mentioned that Fella had gone out of town. Still the man called here later for Fella and again I told him Fella wouldn’t be back till the next day. In the middle of the night, hearing a noise, I regretted my openness because — well, a man may appear perfectly normal, yet not be, and here I am, a sitting duck.

But, whether alone in a house a mile from anyone, or next door from people, as Williams’ victims were, if a man wants to attack and kill a woman, he can.

That sucks.

And of course he can kill another man, as well.

Horrible shit happens to innocent people all the time. The world is an unpredictable place. Being good or right or smart or cautious doesn’t keep anyone safe.

Best take the advice in the image above to heart; I don’t go through life expecting to be harmed, but sometimes my imagination does run away with me.