6:12pm, Saturday (ignore that date on the left, it’s wrong and I don’t know how to change it)

And lasagna is in the oven. A few weeks ago I made a tomato sauce for pasta and it had something in it, unidentifiable, that Fella didn’t like. So I stuck it in the freezer and pulled it out yesterday to thaw. Fella’s gone out of town for the weekend and Boychik, who is here till tomorrow, eats almost everything. This is my chance to get the tomato sauce used up.

I made a linguini & beans dish on Tues and Fella turned up his nose at it, so I’ve eaten it every night for supper myself. (Yes Pet, he had to make something else for himself; I sure as hell didn’t cook a second meal for him.) Polished it off last night. Could be I’ll end up eating lasagna for a week too, but that’ll be fine with me. I don’t throw perfectly good food away or give it to the dogs and cats. Waste not, want not.

Figure on making hot buttered popcorn, pouring pepsi over ice, and watching my DVD of Burlesque tonight with Boychik. Although if it’s too sexy … I don’t know, when it comes to him. Something was on a while ago that showed tits and ass, and he just turned and looked at me. I wondered if I was supposed to send him out of the room like you might if your six-year-old was watching; after all, that’s his developmental level in some ways. It’s difficult to know.

I think I have to have another sex talk with him, even though it’s highly unlikely he’ll ever be in a sexual relationship and he probably will just be confused. But why take chances? He needs to know he shouldn’t dip even once without wearing a condom. After all, he certainly has all his parts working correctly, and the girls like him. Nature could take its course, and why shouldn’t it? That’s all I’m saying. Except that he needs to know how to have sex safely, and … god, the thought of him having sex with as little capability as he has to cope with the possible consequences, like pregnancy or AIDS, gives me a chill.

They (where he lives and works) told me they have a sex education workshop for their special needs clients. I haven’t heard of it happening, so guess I should ask about it again. But I shouldn’t rely on them.