9:14 a.m.
Fella says to me, “It feels like you are just waiting for the right opportunity to leave.”

I think it’s amazing (and quite wonderful) how he can pick up on my state of mind so beautifully at times.

But then I can’t understand why it is that he so often reads my words and behaviour in such a haywire way.

This morning I listened for a while to a CBC radio interview about sexual harassment, bullying and verbal abuse in the workplace. Employees are advised not to quit their jobs immediately but to be assertive and work towards change and enlightenment via education of the abuser and fellow employees so they learn what proper behaviour is and what will not be tolerated and why. With the job situation as it is, you don’t want to up and quit if you don’t have to.

If they related any of this to verbal abuse in family relationships, I missed it when I got out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen to make coffee.

But I was thinking — oh! maybe I’m not such a weak fool to still be here. Maybe I am a crusading warrior for my love and my home.