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Awoke upset from this dream, relieved, but still having to calm myself before I could get back to sleep:

I am in my grandmother’s bedroom at her house in my home town. Fella has just died. I should go see his body as I will regret it later if I don’t, and I dread seeing him, as I know how sad that will be for me. I also must phone his parents and siblings with the news, and I can’t find their phone numbers when I try. His son is with me, and we hug each other. I imagine myself a column of white light, in hopes that I can give him strength and comfort. We turn and turn until we fall down, laughing.

From The Dreamer’s Dictionary:
Death: frequently signifies news of a birth.
From The Hidden Power of Dreams:
Death: not a bad omen; transformation, the death of old patterns and programs, making way for rebirth; very rarely indicates the death of one who is dead in your dream; usually indicates the death of an old belief system of yours, represented by the dying person.

A friendly hug signifies relief from worry, but a passionate hug predicts an important change (Dreamer’s Dic).

Home/House: the different rooms symbolize different aspects of oneself (Hidden Power).

Laughter: This is a great healer; don’t take life so seriously (Hidden Power).
-should be interpreted as a dream of contrary; if you were laughing, it signifies approaching unhappiness or disappointment in love.