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Dreamed I was showing an old classmate around the basement of my home, because he needed a place to live and my house had a couple kitchenette suites. There was also a hallway with more bedrooms and when we looked into one of them we found a strange man heavily asleep. I shook him to wake him up.

Guessing this dream means part of my consciousness is totally unfamiliar to me, and I am waking it up?

Periodically in dreams I do go on little odysseys in my “home” (various ones over the years, also others that only exist in dreams) and discover rooms I never knew were there, and it’s always a bit of a thrilling adventure. Sometimes the rooms are beautiful, other times they need a lot of work.

I used also in dreams to be visiting my parents in various new homes that turned out to be gorgeous mansions with many splendors.

The dream books say that houses in dreams, particularly our own homes, represent our lives and our selves. Makes sense to me.

The strange sleeping man may be a dormant masculine aspect of myself that is stirring. Perhaps the one I need to help me stick to my guns and leave or change a situation I don’t like; the man was in a place he shouldn’t have been, mind you, so … must think about that.