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Am I just a flakey New Ager, or am I onto something that is really just plain obvious?
You know how there have always been all these predictions about how life as we know it on earth is going at some point to change drastically. Some believe it will be disastrous and lead to destruction and doomsday, while others believe some form of spiritual enlightenment will transform human civilization.
Last February when I listened to radio broadcasts about the uprisings in the Arab world, I was thrilled. Peaceful revolution! My heart breaks to hear of the torturings, beatings and deaths of civilians over there right now; it’s horrible, the oppression and violence enacted by those governments and the military. I am rooting for the people in the streets and applauding their bravery and their audacity. They’re going unarmed against bullies and killers and they know it and are not giving up.
And, unless I’m mistaken, all this is possible because of a human invention that has finally reached the world: the internet. The masses can now communicate instantly, can coordinate their actions, can influence repressive governments without having to take up arms. The human race has been given this incredible tool that can help change the balance of power in the world. I’m grateful and excited and I think maybe this is what was predicted, though of course it couldn’t be predicted in exact detail, only symbolically, as is so often the case with future foretellings.