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Dreamed Sadie emailed me from Colorado, where she is holidaying with His Amazingness.
Dreamed Mom was alive but I hadn’t been spending time with her every chance I got, and needed to remedy that while I still could.

I’ve got lots to squeeze into what remains of the day, but it’s so darn nice out all I really want to do is go walking and to HELL with the rest of it. Work? Money? Who needs ’em?

The dishes (yesterday’s — we had men working in the yard so I played cook as well as errand runner) looked like a helluva lot but weren’t; got through them fairly quickly and even with some enjoyment while listening to the radio.

Did I tell you that I have been wearing my clothing (except the panties) for days at a time, rather than throwing everything into the wash at the end of every day? Yes. I always do that anyway with anything new and adored, but otherwise for many years I’ve changed clothes daily. A while ago I read that in Europe people are more eco-conscious than we North Americans, that they use less water, and one reason for that is that they don’t insist on fresh clothes each morning. That made sense to me; clothes aren’t always dirty or smelly after one day’s wear. And then, without convenient laundry facilities, it would even more behoove me to wear them as long as possible.

So I’ve changed my habits. See, old dogs can learn new tricks.
Have you learned any lately?