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Darn it, winter really is here. But November is already half over! How did that happen?

I slept till 1:30 today. After getting up at 9, that is, eating half of a tiny bun, taking the last gravol pill so as not to have the same experience as last night (took an Indocid for the sore neck, so I could sleep, and it upset my stomach so there was pukage; a gravol taken first seems to stop that; at least I slept well), and then an Indocid.

My last migraine was on the 8th so this isn’t too bad. I’m just thankful the pills work so that I don’t suffer long. Sucks having to pay for them myself, though, now! Everything used to be covered by my ex’s health insurance plan, right up till our divorce a couple years ago.

Had to go to town to pick up #1 Son at 4, so I did laundry (just mine, and the towels and such)(feel like a twat, but there is still no action on the honey-do list, so … he can do his own laundry), dropped off some recycling, bought Cold FX and fish oil capsules and calcium-magnesium pills and gravol, and picked up groceries. Didn’t work at all today, but fortunately Friday is the day I only work two hours (unless I work an extra two and bank them, which I try to do) so it will be easy to make those up over the weekend. One hour, I tell you, flies by when you’re at the computer.

So we filled Sadie’s beau’s vehicle up to the tits with her treasures over the three days I was at her place. We laughed a lot. I listened to her sing her beau’s praises all weekend. He’s “amazing!” He better be. She’s making a pretty big move early in the game, in order to be with him. He seems to be as into it as she is, and they’re happy. Fingers crossed they both remain that way. It’s a real case of following your heart and ignoring your head completely, seems to me, but … sometimes that’s the thing to do.

The other night Fella came into the office here and said “So, who’s your new man?”

He always assumes there’s a new love in my life when I’m not being sweet and affectionate to him. I just think, Boy, as if You aren’t enough trouble already. I sure as hell am not going to go bite off some more.

Last night he said “You don’t like me.”

Roundabout way of getting to things, isn’t it? I said, “That’s not our problem. You know what the problem is. Don’t waste my time with this bullshit.”

He just shut up.

Next, he will say, “So, what are we going to do? I don’t want to go on this way.”

I will say, “Get started on that list. Or put the house up for sale, because I’m not spending the next 10 years like I’ve spent the last 10.”

End of story.

Of course, he will throw up smoke and mirrors, all about how he is paying for this new septic tank that’s going in on Tuesday and I’m not, and so on … all his excuses for not doing anything I ask him to.

I’m horny, too. He does not know what he is missing. I could easily jump his bones, and normally I might. I think about it, and then remind myself that he spent a weekend working on his cousin’s kitchen cupboards and has never billed him, while in our own house we still don’t have cupboard doors and there is a strip of countertop I’ve asked him to glue back on, and I think “Pfft. His cousin’s house is so much more important, he can go sleep with his cousin.”

Because I, my friends, have fingers and can take care of myself.