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After an “exchange of words” I dreamed Fella and I were in my maternal grandparents’ house, and someone had stitched the front-room drapes together so they could no longer be opened. Fella knew who had done it, but when I asked repeatedly he wouldn’t tell me, and I in a rage tried to beat it out of him. At one point I worried I may have broken his nose.

When I awoke and remembered the dream, I thought it made perfect sense. I am angry and frustrated with Fella, bigtime.

I dug one of my dream interpretation books from the office shelf and looked up anger, then beating. In both cases that fit my dream scenario, the interpretation is that this is a dream of “contrary,” where what is predicted differs from how things appear in the dream. Apparently this dream bears glad tidings for good fortune and happy outcomes.

Hmph. I wonder.