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Last night I climbed into bed shortly after nine o’clock, so tired for some reason that I couldn’t stay awake to listen to the radio, which had interviews that were really interesting to me. So I slept, until five a.m., when my little doggy friend woke me to let him outside. Oh how good it felt to crawl back into my warm bed after calling him in again! But when Fella set a mug of steaming black brew on the night table and tapped me on the hip at eight-thirty, I still didn’t want to get up. I tried. I dragged the “cow” (what Fella calls the suede-covered pillow I use to prop myself up for reading) to the top of the bed and sat up for a few sips, but thought Screw This, I don’t HAVE TO get up … and let the coffee cool while I dozed off again. What the hell. I don’t work till the afternoon; it’s not like I can’t sleep if I want to.

But the phone rang at 9:30 and I let that entice me from my toasty blankets. It was my favourite cousin, driving on the country road between his home and my (adopted) town, calling for a chat. He has two months left of his followup treatment for cancer, and isn’t feeling the greatest, but a lot better than the man he is mentoring through the same experience. My cousin is a super, super guy; I could take lessons from him.

So here I am. I’ve made myself a fresh pot of coffee — two cups — and should get some food down my neck, considering the 11:00 news is on the radio.

One parent should be paid to stay home with the children of the family. The state should pay them, as opposed to the other parent “paying” (i.e. supporting) them. Parents should have a choice whether to do this or have their kids attend daycare, which the state should also pay for 100%.

As a society we are responsible to support the raising of children with the least possible stress for the adults who’ve created them, who have fulfilled the task of replenishing the human population and continue to fulfil it by feeding, clothing, supervising and loving these children. These are also society’s children. It benefits every one of us when they receive the best possible care.

If I can’t ramble in a pseudonymous weblog, where can I ramble?

Report on Work to Rule action:
Sleeping in the office since the weekend before last; haven’t included meat and potatoes in suppers; have done only my own laundry and a load of towels.
He is being a prince, but has still not crossed anything off the list that is stuck to the fridge.
We have not kissed or hugged each other in more than a week, and I miss that, but we are talking as usual about our daily doings.