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Did I mention that I saw a comet one late afternoon? Yeah, it was pretty cool. Still daylight, and this big blot of star goes splashing across the northwest corner of sky down toward the ground as I walked toward home.

Wait, is it normal to see something like this when it’s not dark out? I forgot to ask around and see if anyone else saw it or knows what it might have been.

I was pretty awed. To me, these things are the universe saying “Hi there, kid.”

It’s another gorgeous day out there. There’s a bit of mint in the air: a girl would profit from gloves, and a scarf for the neck and a hat for the ears are required for a wussy such as myself. I’ve yet to take my medicine walk, which’ll have to be soon as it’s getting too dark to be out on the road after six o’clock. The dogs are waiting though. At least that’s what I think little TacoBell wanted when he was pawing at me as I sat here at the desk.

Pet, Sadie has invited us to supper with her family and her new beau, MrWonderful, on Saturday night. I’d like to meet him but don’t know whether I’ll be up for anything after a full day of learning songs and singing. They’ll be in the city long enough for brunch on Sunday if we’d rather do that, and as you may know I am considering not attending the workshop on that last day. It’s a morning of last-minute rehearsal, figuring out the lineup and how we’ll get on and off the stage, etc., and then the concert in the afternoon. If there is a strong enough alto section this time, I won’t feel my presence is necessary, which would suit me fine as I would rather avoid the concert anyway, and all the wasted time fucking with the lineup, entrance, etc.

I just wanna sing, man, and to hell with all this other crap (including audiences). I want to learn a few songs on the piano that I can sing and that everybody knows, so we can have singalongs in my house. That’s my idea of fun. And think of the orchestra we can have, with all my instruments? Accordion, harmonica, bass guitar, hand drum … la la la la la!

I feel like such a spoiled brat when I refuse to do performances after learning something. But why should I? Why do I have to dance in the ice carnival after taking figure skating lessons all winter? Do I owe somebody something? Why do I have to compete in music festivals if I take piano lessons? Screw that, I don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall ….

And I don’t have to be in the public concert on Sunday. I pays me money for the workshop, for heaven’s sake. I don’t owe anyone anything.

Oh, here’s something that could turn out to be uncanny. When we left Calgary we met our BigBoy for breakfast in a restaurant outside the city. At a table across from us were four people, one of whom reminded me of the photo of MrWonderful that Sadie has shown me. It’s a poor photo, tiny and just a side-view of his face, but I thought “That looks like him!” and kept one eye on the man the whole time, wondering if it could possibly be … he doesn’t live there but down by the US border … but he covers lots of miles for his business … so today I was asking Sadie and it turns out his sister lives in the town where we had breakfast and has blond hair like the woman at his table and MrWonderful owns a maroon-coloured shirt and looks 10 years younger than he actually is. Could it be that the world is so small? Yes of course. Still I’ll be amazed if it turns out to have been him.

Sadie and I spoke on the phone this morning. She is so in love she is repeating herself. “He is so amazing!”

I’m glad she is enjoying this. “I’m moving,” she said.

But not putting her house up for sale yet, which I think is wise, though her reasons for thinking so are not the same as mine. She wants to complete some renovations in order to get full market value for the house. I think she is pulling up her stakes a little early in the dating game, and if she still has her house to go back to for a while, it can’t hurt.

Maybe I should go look after her house for her?

Then again, maybe not. It’s never a good time:

Fella got home from the city last night; he’d gone with his mom and sister to take his dad in for assessment and testing because his mind hasn’t been all there for about a year. They got a diagnosis, finally: vascular dementia. Scans show big hunks of his brain are shrunken and, though there are things that can be done to improve his cognition, it will probably continue to deteriorate. Fella said, “We all cried.”

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it. We’ve known he wasn’t right, but couldn’t find out why or what to do about it. Now he’ll get some homecare help and so on, so that’s good. But it’s still a shock and I think Fella is reeling.