Burning the Candle at Both Ends, photographer unknown











Only a few minutes while waiting for #1Son to brush his teeth and get out to the vehicle. It’s while he’s getting his shoes on that I’ll get my own teeth brushed and wash my face, then grab the laundry and we’ll head for town. Well, one-third of the laundry. One of the things I dislike about doing laundry away from home is lugging the stuff to a vehicle, into the laundromat, and back to the vehicle, then into the house again. I’ve decided I’ll only take one hamper when I go so that it’s only one trip (with laundry; that’s not counting the trips between house and vehicle with groceries and drinking-water jugs and recycling).

Also, I’ve separated out the bath and hand towels, facecloths, and dishtowels. That’s one full load. Fella can take them to his brother’s, where quite often he doesn’t get back to them before someone wants to use the machine and ends up transferring or folding them. It’s just my underwear that I don’t want other people handling, so I won’t let him take my laundry there. I’m private that way. Don’t make me get graphic in order to explain why. Suffice it to say that women’s vaginas are constantly cleaning themselves. That oughtta give you a good enough picture. Oh ok, that was probably all the graphic suggestion you’ll ever need.

And there’s another pile of dirty clothes on the floor in our closet that can wait till next Friday. Most of those are Fella’s workclothes and he has lots, enough to get by till next weekend.

There’s a farmers’ market in town but only for another 45 minutes. I’d love to get there in time to pick up an apple pie or some kind of treat for tonight, when our friends Jack & Dianne are coming over. I also mean to get home in time to work a couple hours this afternoon at my paying job, now that I’ve taken on a new task.

So best move my ass!