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How do weekends fly by so fast? I intended to put in a few hours working, and managed to do that for zero minutes. What was I doing with my time? Where did it go? Darned if I know. But it was sure nice to get up this morning after a leisurely sleep-in, pour myself a freshly brewed coffee, feel the upcoming pressures of a workday and be able to say to myself “But I’ve got all morning to enjoy before then!”

When I drove my eldest back to his group home late yesterday afternoon, in time for him to attend a fall supper being put on by the high school students in town, he told me, “Mom, I think I’d just like to come back home with you.” He repeated it. I said, “You can’t, you have to work tomorrow,” but it kind of breaks my heart to say it. Not that I want him to move home, which he’s lately been saying he’d prefer. As far as I know he’s still comfortable where he lives, and loves his job. I guess he’s just torn between two places, and … well, he has always adored his mom. What can I say. He was born on the Cancer cusp.

Pet, thanks so much for your offer to keep the little dog while we’re away. I really appreciate it. Fella’s aunt is going to come and stay at the house, so he’ll be well looked after. But if you’ll have us, maybe we’ll come in Thursday night and leave for Alberta in the morning, so you and I can still get a quick visit.

The thermostat read 68F when I crawled out of bed, so I cranked up the furnace. It’s cold out there today!

I came to the computer to go to the library website and order books; otherwise I’ve been attempting to break my habit of coming here with morning coffee and reading and writing for hours instead of cleaning the kitchen or going for a walk. Well … I still haven’t been to the library website, yet here I sit. Tsk. Longtime habits are hard to change.

I’ve been “laying down the law” with Fella, and he looks at me with slight shock, and doesn’t argue. I think he likes it. Too funny. Yesterday I was giving him hell for not doing a bunch of small jobs around our house, instead giving his evenings and weekends for free sometimes to other people who call at the last minute, desperate for his help. I said, “I am sick and tired of being last on the list, and next time it happens, I am going to be seriously pissed off. See this?” and I ran my hands over my newly in-shape body, which is looking pretty damn good in the mirror these days if I say so myself, “If you want any of this, you’d better get with the program.” Of course I’m grinning as I say it, as I’m not going to withhold sex for the wrong reasons, and those really would be wrong reasons. “I’m already feeling a lot of resentment over the kitchen cupboards still unfinished after two years, and I don’t want to hear any more of your excuses.”

Will this get me anywhere? I don’t know, but being tolerant and patient hasn’t either. I’m going to start behaving as most wives do: “Here’s your Honey-Do list, honey; get something on it crossed off this weekend.”

Of course, it wouldn’t go over well if he tried that with me!