Bleeding Hearts, artist unknown











>We burnt my Mum and my Dad is going to have her ashes kept at the local church.
>He’s doing alright, he knows it was for the best.

Of course, but it’s still tough, especially when you haven’t been living alone. It’s hard to get used to. Give him an extra hug for me; it had to have been a hard row to hoe. Take one for yourself too.

We knew Mom had to go, and it was a relief by the time she did, but then my dad was left on his own and didn’t feel he was as important to anyone else as he had been to Mom for their 40-some years together. Natural enough, and true. I reminded him as often as possible that he was still needed, even if it was only to chat for a minute or two by phone every day or so.

>Anyway here’s a bit of a jokey thing, and please let Fella see it.*

Okay, but for god’s sake don’t make the man more perverted and sex-crazed than he already is. The cows get nervous.

Ms Kitty


*A while ago he sent Fella an email with the subject line “camel toes.” It contained a couple dozen images of women’s crotches, as you can imagine, and I responded to it: “I didn’t know you were into prepubescent girls; none of these have any pubic hair.” Some time later he made a remark about it to Fella, who didn’t know what he was talking about because he hadn’t seen the email with the images. Cuz figured I must’ve censored it. (I did not!)