Coraline makes her way between worlds


What’s got you feeling so low, missy? A cold or flu or what?
I haven’t had a garden tomato yet this year. Best hit the farmers’ market pretty soon.

Found those black runners you gave me, out in the van, and have been wearing them while walking the last couple days. They fit better than my workboots (had to wear bandaids on one toe, and even that wasn’t working anymore) but don’t breathe as well; will likely be perfect in the winter with wool socks. Thank you yet again for outfitting me!

It’s looking like Fella and I will head for BC on the Thanksgiving long weekend if all goes well with his organization of work projects. He’s got a guy lined up to dig the septic tank in here, and that will require him to work at home for a week, I believe he said. And he’s got several other jobs on the go that he’s trying to wrap up so he can get away.

He’s also done a week’s work at my sister’s new house that they are not willing to pay him for, nor is the guy who actually fucked up the job that Fella had to spend a week fixing before he could drywall their place, yet they are saying they are happy with the guy’s work and would hire him again.

They need Fella to go back and finish some drywalling now that their fireplace is installed, and with their attitude and their not listening to him when he explained that certain tradespeople shouldn’t be in there working before certain other tradespeople are finished, he is disgusted with them and not willing to drop everything else on his plate to go do their job. He’s already gone out of his way to be generous with his time, for them, even though he doesn’t HAVE a spare moment, and they don’t seem to realize or appreciate it. I don’t blame him for being pissed off. They can go fuck themselves, as far as he’s concerned. He’ll get there when he gets there, and he won’t bend over backwards for them again.

I’m not saying anything to my sister— just keeping my nose out, as it’s not my business and might make things worse, and I’d hate to have a falling-out with her over it — but it is hard when she phones and wonders when he’s coming to do it and why he isn’t there yet and if she should just do it herself since he plans to take a week’s holiday. How terrible of him to have a life, when her beautiful new home is not ready yet! God, people are self-centred. Why can’t you drop everything and come and do what they want when they want it!

My dad was right — never ever do business with family, because if there’s negative fallout, it’s not worth it.

Me, I’m practising biting my tongue. I know nothing!

Well, gotta get busy working for the next four hours, then going to town for dog and cat food and to do laundry, since I didn’t do it on Friday. Am also taking on some more work for The Publication, going to learn how to upload images to articles in the database, so that will give me more income in future. Just when am I going to find time to do it? That is the question. What will have to go? Oh well, I’ll figure it out.

You take care of yourself over there. By the way, Sadie is madly in love and dreaming about marriage. She says her New Love is AMAZING and he thinks she’s FASCINATING and they are rushing headlong into middle-aged romance! I wish them luck, hope she enjoys it while it lasts, and that it lasts a good long time. Your turn is next! Are you ready????

Ms Kitty