Orhancoplu- Running for Love

News from Sadie’s daughter: Sadie is having a wonderful time, the fellow sounds really nice, and all is well. Woo hoo!

Thinking about this has reminded me of when you asked me not long ago, Pet, whether I might be more likely to leave Fella if I had another love interest. I replied that I’m not looking for a new love, and even if I now met someone who kindled my fire, I wouldn’t go there. I’ve learned my lesson. That old saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” is not true.

Not that I regret doing what I did when I fell in love with Fella, or where it has brought me, no. I only regret doing it the way I did. If I had it to do over again, I’d just run in the opposite direction.

I know how it looks: like I get my next love lined up before I finish with the one I’m with. Which makes me appear as a woman who is afraid to be alone, or without a man. I hope that isn’t true. I think the reason it happened the way it did was because even though I no longer loved my former husband, we could still get along well enough to live together with the kids, so I had no pressing reason to hurry up and break the family apart. It was only when I found myself loving another man, taken by surprise, that I had no choice. Or so it seemed.

By the way, about two years ago I actually did meet another man who made me sit up and take notice (these are few and far between), and who let me know I had stood out in the crowd, for him, too. I started off thinking well, we can be friends and there is no danger in that. But I soon realized that in pursuing a friendship there would be danger of getting emotionally involved, and not just danger for me; he would be in danger of it too. I needed to nip that friendship right in the bud. And I did. We remain acquaintances and that is all. I have learned: when there are sparks, get away from the fire. It’s simple.

Don’t ask me who it is. You haven’t met him, but you might, and you might like him. Never know.
Also, remember LL, my old schoolmate who has moved to town and I wanted you to meet? Well, he has purchased the business in town where he was working, so it looks like he’ll be around for a while. I can still hope that you two will fall in love and you’ll end up moving out here and we can have coffee together at least once a week, you and me!

Inez just called and she is on her way from Edmonton to spend a couple days with me, so it’s doubtful I’ll be back to add new entries while she’s here. As a matter of fact, I think I’d better work all day as it’s highly unlikely I’ll sit at this desk at all when I have something so much better to do: visit with my old friend.