a few garage sale finds

Good morning,

Well dear, I am trying to keep to a routine that satisfies, but it isn’t easy. The first thing I have to do is break my decade-long habit of sitting at the computer with my morning coffee and reading and writing instead of having breakfast, dressing, walking, cleaning the kitchen and making preparations for supper so that the afternoon is free to work without distraction and I can have the evenings to read or watch TV or do nothing. I know what I need to do, but have a hard time doing it!

Like right now … I’ve had the coffee, and I’ve sat at the kitchen table with it, handwriting in my journal, instead of here … so far so good! … but then I thought I’d just check email so that I could approve and publish any blog comments that came in overnight … and now here I am, answering your email right now instead of having breakfast and getting moving.

I have never had much self-discipline and still don’t, although I’ve started to figure out what works best for me and am trying to implement new habits. And then life’s events throw off my “routine” anyway and I have a hard time getting back to them, and sometimes never do, or at least not for weeks. Happily I’m my own boss and am free to throw routine to the wind when a friend calls or visits or something else comes up; life is good that way.

Tomorrow I’ll be driving my niece to face charges in court for her second drunk-driving offence. Sis can’t get the day off work and her husband is harvesting (and doesn’t want to risk seeing his baby girl hauled away in handcuffs). I’ve no idea what to expect; will it mean the entire day sitting in the hall waiting for her case to come up?

It has been freakishly cold here for the past two days; I didn’t walk till sunset on Monday after the wind died down, and yesterday not at all. Today I have to buck up, dress up, and get out there and face it. The grass is covered with heavy frost this morning. I have done really well with daily walking since early June but don’t know how I’ll manage when it gets seriously cold around here. Might have to break out the skipping ropes and settle for that.

It sounds like you are busy as usual. I am hoping that if you do come, you’ll help me organize years of photos into albums, instead of making pies (no I don’t have apples). Nothing fancy like scrapbooking, just sorting and ordering them and sliding them into pockets, and writing down what’s-what beside them. Seems to me we could have a bit of fun doing that, as you and yours should be in a good number of these old pictures.

And now, I’m off to eat breakfast, wash and dress, get out for that frigid brisk walk, then come in and get the kitchen polished up before starting my work day at one o’clock. Also I will try to work ahead so that I don’t have to when you are here.

Ms Kitty