Dew-covered dandelion. Photographer unknown.










Gotta get up from this desk and prepare to go to town. Revenue Canada is requesting some documention for my eldest son’s 2010 income tax return, so I’ve gotta stop at the accountant’s office. Sonnyboy is going to do laundry, including a couple duvets so we’ll have a fresh, clean one for you tomorrow night, Pet. We’ve got boxes of the kids’ give-away stuff to pick up at the old house (Sonnyboy’s been working over there every day, sorting through their old bedroom) and drop off in town, and there is recycling to bag up and take to the Sarcan depot. And we’ll pick up the eldest and bring him out for an overnighter, after taking him to the Co-op while we get groceries.

Oh the excitement that is my life!

The kittens were out following their mother around the yard today, but we noticed one wasn’t with them so Sonnyboy went looking for it. Found it, too, up in a tree by the lagoon. Let us assume its mother would have gone back for it. “I really don’t know cats clouds, at all,” as the Joni Mitchell song says.

Well my fine feathered friends, I must adieu without telling you one juicy thing! Hope you aren’t too disappointed.

Oh, and we have to go to the bank. What the hell else am I forgetting? Always something.