a rare sighting of a pileated woodpecker








I sat out on the step last night after returning from a leisurely four-mile bike ride just before the sun went down. When the mosquitoes appeared, I lit a citronella candle and sprayed my clothing with repellent, and listened to an owl, and the bird that cackles like an old witch out in the slough, and coyotes that piped up near the yard to drive the dogs insane. And I watched the stars begin to appear, and it was oh so peaceful and beautiful, and I sure wished I had someone to share the moments with. The geese are flocking together in preparation for their flight south, and I could hear them talking to each other, and a half-dozen flew in their V-formation over the yard, and I listened to their wings.

I thought, won’t it be nice when Pet is sitting here with me, and we have blankets on our laps beneath a starry sky, and steaming hot mugs of tea in our hands.

But today it is cold and windy. Cold like winter, I say, and think I notice yellowing leaves on the maple tree.