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I mean, a floating dog appointment.

Pet, I called the vet to make an appointment for your Hound Dog on Monday. He said just call that morning, because as long as he is not called out on an emergency, we can take Pupskin any time.
I was up at 8 this morning but took a pill and went back to bed around 9, and slept (or dozed) till one o’clock this afternoon. I feel groggy, but otherwise normal again. This is the first time in over a month that I’ve had to take a pill at all! It seems my migraines are fewer and further between.

Unfortunately it has taken the wind out of my sails when it comes to getting any work done so far today. Normally I’d be starting at one. Instead I’ve had a bath, stood on the step and inhaled the gorgeous after-rain scent (what a lightning storm we had last night! I haven’t heard what damage there was in the area yet, though someone mentioned hail and lots of it), and caught up on some favourite online reading.

I’m so much fun.