These are two things I consume every day: a Granny Smith apple, and two litres of water. I keep the drinking bottle on my desk, which makes getting that much water down my neck easy.

Is there anything that YOU eat and drink EVERY day?

I usually eat/drink a cup or less of homemade granola with half a cup of buttermilk (this latter for prevention of cold sores), a small glass of juice, two cups of black coffee, two pieces of wholewheat toast with peanut butter and honey, and occasionally a fried egg.

Apparently a girl CAN live on this small amount of food and drink, without losing a pound of excess weight. (Not to say this is all I eat; just that these are standard input for me until suppertime when I eat a proper meal.)

On June 1, I weighed in at a shockingly high (for me, standing 5-foot-5) 136 pounds. What the …??? And two months later, after walking 30 to 40 minutes briskly every day, I haven’t lost even one pound. Granted I feel great and don’t get out of breath so quickly, but still ….

This week at the library I picked up a book called The Cardio-Free Diet. Its author claims that if people expect to lose weight from focusing on cardio exercises, they are barking up the wrong tree. To lose weight you actually have to do muscle-building exercises three times a week for 20 minutes each. And count calories; I’m not going there. But now that I’m feeling more athletic, I wouldn’t mind adding a little weight training.

Pet, if you know a few things about weight-training, be prepared to instruct me when you come out next weekend.

As for what I weigh, I don’t know why it matters. It shouldn’t, particularly since muscle weighs more than fat and the scale isn’t a reliable reflection of a body’s condition. My clothes fit well and the image in the mirror looks fit enough. Is it just that the weight is sneaking up on me gradually so that I’m not shocked by my appearance?