The best part of my daily walk is when I come to the end of it, sweaty and noble.

I need new boots though. They will be the first thing I buy when I’ve got the money to pay myself for walking. Earned $84 in June and July, and $21 so far this month. At this rate I’ll be able to get a darn good pair of walking shoes pretty soon. Time to start shopping, I suppose. The part I hate.

I’ll have to make an appointment with the vet for Fri or Mon so let me know for sure your dates. Yes he is more than welcome to come visit.
There will be no weeding! We will sit on the deck or in the shade and drink coffee and/or cider, both of which I have available.
With my magic stirrup hoe, used for 10 minutes between hours at the computer, my flower beds are relatively weed-free. Now… the areas I chose not to weed this year, those are bad! Very bad! I just ignore them. I’d cry if I didn’t laugh. Actually the field behind the house has finally been swathed so that helps some, but it’s far from perfect when it comes to tall clover. And gumweed. You’ll see. But for sure you won’t be working when you’re here.