Joni Mitchell, one of a kind

Forgot I was going to add images. Whoops.

I shouldplanned to be working this morning, since making an appointment for a haircut during my office hours. Best intentions, that’s me!

So many things to do, that’s the trouble:

*scan my internet bill to send as a work expense claim
*make the bed (change sheets too)
*tibetan rites
*dishes, kitchen
*what about supper
*wash and change and brush my teeth, gotta leave in an hour and a half
*work four hours. why are these so difficult to squeeze in?
*tarot reading by email
*move the old dresser over here
*clean out and clean up the old house once and for all
*get a few groceries: drinking water, dog food, buttermilk, eggs, apples

I’ve got my priorities though. I sleep late (11 yesterday for heaven’s sake and no excuse; 9 today) though my radio alarm comes on at 7. I get up and walk two miles, come home and drink two cups of coffee, eat breakfast, and read and write at the computer almost to my heart’s content. These come first, not last. All this by starting work in the afternoon so I don’t have to rush through the morning.

It’s really hard to act as if I have all the time in the world while trying to do at least some of what I’d like to accomplish. I feel anxious, pressured, guilty, though I try not to do that to myself. For instance, I’ve done everything in that above paragraph so far today, but have not just SAT for even one minute, except the first one when I got out of bed and had to force myself to go outside.

I need an assistant. Yes indeedy.

“One personal assistant needed. Position will require insertion of suitable title to all topless blog entries. Apply below.”

Pet, can you help me out here? Place your suggestion in the comments.