You’re 100% right about the tan. I feel best when I have one, and probably look best too.

Why do you think it is that when I am in the shower or the tub, my body looks beautiful, and when I look in a mirror it does not? Is it this way for you?

Yet again you understand what I am saying about the communication difficulties.
Maybe this is why couples that have been together a long time take advantage of hearing loss. Or at least claim to have it. That’s better than having to accept that your spouse is a lost cause.

This “man” thing never ends, for god’s sake. I can see why ladies reach a certain age and then say we aren’t interested in it. Perhaps the rewards start to dwindle, making the disharmony less worth tolerating.

I am thinking of going to Alberta on the 1st of September (a Thurs; the Kid has to go to the university on Fri) and come back on Tues (6th) or Mon (5th, Labour Day). It’s the last possible moment though and we could go sooner. The Other Kid wants to go along to his dad’s place, but I don’t much feel like dragging him with me.