I haven’t heard a peep from you in days. Apparently you are a woman on the go. Hope all is good going.

Sadie called to say her mom’s funeral is on Tuesday afternoon at 3. I would like to be there for it, but dread making another trip so soon… taking time off already, facing the urban traffic, the cost of travel … so haven’t yet committed to it in my own mind … still, I feel I should be there.

Not that Sadie really needs me. All her family is coming and she has longtime friends in the city.

If I make it, can you come with me?

Not much news from here . . . I’m getting a half-hour of hoeing in every day so am making progress. The flowers are still spread out too much. I hope to work one hour today, and another on my uncle’s memoir. I’ve got The Kid doing dishes, and the Other One is home for the weekend and will have to be motivated to get off the couch. Looks like a walk around the yard could be a possibility (it’s what he likes to do) as it seems to be clouding over. Otherwise the sun is scorching.

Well hunny that’s it for now. Wish you were here.
Are you coming next weekend?