They’re saying the best blogs have photos with every entry. I agree; those are my favourites. For now I’m grabbing pictures I can find easily on my hard drive, and sticking them in here. This and the one yesterday are from a photo shoot my sister did six years ago, when I had her take some to give to Fella.

I’ve spent the morning going through my most recent bank statements and credit card invoices, checking the charges against my receipts and such. Pain in the ass. Especially when I get a little behind, as happens upon occasion.

Most days the first thing I do is go out onto the step and see what kind of day we’re having. If it’s warm I come back in, pour a cup of coffee, and sit out there to admire the birds and flowers. Today I didn’t do that for some reason; it looked cool, I suppose, because the sky was clouded over. It’s cleared up now so I suppose will be hot.

Pet, you should leave a comment now and then so I’ll know at least there is ONE person reading this thing.