While I was off work for the month of July, I had big plans. I’d work one hour a day and bank the time so that when work started again I’d have some paid days off.

One hour a day. Should be the easiest thing in the world. Usually flies by too quickly, when I’m at the computer (which is how I earn my living). So why couldn’t I find time to put that hour in?

You tell me.

I didn’t accomplish much more than before, unless it was to take over the jobs my son was doing till he went to his dad’s last month: feeding the dogs and cats, doing the dishes, shoveling the dog shit from the lawn. All time-consuming enough, I suppose, when added up. Whatever the case, I have not missed my job one little bit.

Yesterday I started back at it, and today I’ve decided to adjust things a bit. From the previous 10 to 2:30 schedule with a half-hour for lunch, I’m moving my office hours from 1 to 5 p.m. so mornings can be even more leisurely and I can get more fundamental tasks accomplished early instead of later — maybe.

Today I haven’t done what I’d hoped, which was to also get something organized or started for supper. But oh well. There’s homemade sausage in the deep freeze and there’s a nice zucchini to be pan-fried with onion and there are beet greens to be steamed. That shouldn’t be too tough to squeeze in between 5 and 6 and I’m looking forward to inhaling those veggies.

Instead of leaping up and getting busy, I lay abed even longer when my old friend Inez telephoned as I was slowly waking. Then after drinking a small glass of orange juice I went for my “brisk” 45-minute walk. It was just starting to heat up out there so I’d worked up a good sweat by the time the dogs and I got back to the yard. Email was checked inside the still-cool house (temperature’s to get to 35C today) while I sipped on fresh hot coffee and scarfed down a toasted bagel with peanut butter, and a few favourite blogs were read before I went out again and watered my flowers in pots, pulled dandelions from the flowerbed and deadheaded spent blooms, finally making myself come in out of the sun and do the Tibetan Rites while watching the last half-hour of All My Children.

While there are many scenes and characters that don’t interest me in the least, occasionally (not often; usually it’s dismal) this daytime drama displays some pretty savvy writing. Today they hit it out of the ballpark with this bit of dialogue between a young woman and the boyfriend who has been physically abusing her.

Man, grabbing her arm roughly: “Stop running away. Just tell me the truth. You don’t love me anymore.”

Woman, pulling away: “I don’t want to love you anymore!”


By the way, Pet, I didn’t tell you how hot you were looking when I was at your place last week. There isn’t a new love you forgot to mention, is there? Because you’ve got a glow. You’re looking fit (is it the zumba? the golfing? the dogwalking?) and, as I did say at the time, your hair is “just right” and suits you to a T.

Lookin’ good, girl.

Oh — Inez won’t be home till after Aug26 so I would like to take the boychik back to his dad’s after that date in order to fit in a visit with her. He starts classes Sept6 I think, and needs to be there a few days early so he can learn his bus route and such. I’d also like to see Ms B (have to spend a night at her house) and Ms W too. Do you think this little trip could fit into your plans? I haven’t firmed up the dates so tell me what would suit you best, if you’re interested in coming along. I keep having to remind myself I have a brother there too and should stop at his place for a visit.