A friend of my taller half’s is in town for his father’s memorial service and we are being invited to get-togethers with his family and friends, and none of it appeals to me whatsoever but my fella wants to go. If I don’t accept these invitations, I feel like I’ll be seen as aloof and indifferent; if I do go, I’ll be doing something I don’t want to do, which is immersing myself in a crowd of people. I don’t enjoy myself in gatherings like this; I try hard to be interested in the conversations, when what I really want is to leave after a relatively short time.
It’s raining and cold; it’s cold here in the house and I may have to turn the furnace on, though that seems ridiculous at this time of year. I’d rather use the oven. Maybe I’ll bake a cake.
My fella just called to say the service is over (I woke up about 10 minutes before it was time to go, so didn’t go along, which was a relief to me) and he’s going for dinner with his buddy, and then will spend the afternoon with him, and we are welcome to go to the supper being put on for family tonight. I’d like to see the friend . . . for a while. But visiting all day and half the night, ugh, I dread the thought.
All as nothing after the events in Norway. I’ve yet to see news reports but what I’m hearing is very upsetting. A nutbar shot and killed more than 80 teenagers. Why are there insane and violent people in this world? Such needless pain they cause to so many others.
Well maybe if I get warmed up and dressed I’ll feel more sociable. I’m still sitting here in my housecoat having a lovely, lazy Saturday morning.