Yes indeedy … a dream. Plain as day, it advised me to start a blog with this name.

Why? I’ve no idea. But I thought what the hell, why not play along? What’ve I got to lose?

Nothing but a bit of time.

At the moment I’m forcing down some granola before running off to a doctor for an overdue test, and tapping away at this keyboard while chewing each spoonful. There’s no quick swallowing around here; we make you work for your food. Even the boss has to make some effort!

Now to get my teeth brushed and get out of here.

-Boss Lady

Later, 3:29pm:

I had some moments of “overjoyment” on the way home. I was coming through the small lakes on the grid road when I saw a small flock of pelicans fly across the road, and thought “Too bad I don’t have my camera ready.” And then just a short way further the road went between two more bodies of water and a flock took off and crossed the road right in front of my windshield. So close! I was so thrilled that all I could think was “Oh thank you thank you thank you.” Of course there was no time to get the camera out, but that’s the way she goes.